Breast feeding to the rescue

17 Jun
My daughter is now 28. When she was 13 months old she reached up, grabbed the end of a bungee cord that was hanging above her head in a door frame, and put it in her mouth. Her father and I both got to her just as she let it go but the powerful elastic pulled the hook through her cheek. Her injury could have been very severe if we hadn’t gotten to her to support her weight and allow the hook to pop free from her cheek. She was wailing and bleeding profusely and choking on the blood. The second it happened she reached for me and I did what came naturally, I nursed her to comfort her. We lived 18 miles from a hospital, it was a Sunday and the local doctor couldn’t be found so we drove the 18 miles for help. She nursed the whole way. By the time the medical professionals were tending to her, the cut that went through her cheek from inside to outside had stopped bleeding. They cleaned it and put a butterfly on the outside of her cheek. She has had a new dimple in her cheek since that day, but this very traumatic incident, was minimized and her healing was hastened because she was nursing.
A personal story by Melinda Margulies
Her daughter, Emily,  is now 7 1/2 months pregnant!

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