The story I’ll never forget

23 Jun

The story I’ll never forget, which is not my own, but has always impacted me was a close friend of mine’s mother. In 1972 she delivered her little girl Aliza and, against everyone’s advice, insisted on breastfeeding her child. Apparently, the attending OB brought all his Residents-in-Training to her room to witness a breastfeeding mother, as no one had ever seen one before! When she went back to work, she hand-expressed into bags and said whenever the meal cart went around the office, the sound of one of the squeaky wheels always made her boobs leak.

Thanks to Aliza’s mom for doing what she knew was right when breastfeeding was so frowned upon and being an inspiration to us all. And I am standing in Waddle n Swaddle, working, typing this story and nursing as I’m writing this. Hurrah.

A story shared by Kerry Lee Zeff


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