Poughkeepsie Social Networking Mom

27 Jun

When I was pregnant I was really on the fence about breastfeeding, but I figured I’d try it- if I didn’t like it no big deal I’d formula feed. My Mom didn’t breastfeed and neither did one of my sisters. I heard a lot about how it was harder because other people can’t help you with night time feedings etc. I was lucky because my other sister did breastfeed so I did have one person to talk to about it. The real break through was social networking sites. Through those I began talking to and polling other woman on what they did and how did they like it. I found that all the people who said “it’s harder to breastfeed” never breastfed! Through online support and meeting a great group of women at our local pre and postnatal boutique store and wellness center, I found all the support and guidance I needed. Now I can’t imagine not breastfeeding. It is such a wonderful way to bond with my baby! Oh and by the way it isn’t “harder” to breastfeed! If anything I find it much easier than preparing bottles! So to anybody on the fence I always tell them, just try it, see how you like it. Afterall, parenthood is a journey and believe me you’ll be trying all kinds of new and crazy things soon enough anyway!

A personal story by Sharyn


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